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rigYourLicence.edu.au offers universally accessible online certifications, specialising in training for the mining, construction and transport industries.  Our mission is simple – to deliver skills and licence training via our comprehensive on-line courses combined with professional face to face training.

Whether you’re an individual looking to upskill or a company with diverse training needs, it’s essential – and a great comfort – to know you’re legally covered.  With changing legislation across a multitude of industries, it makes sense to ensure you’re doing all you can to avoid any potential issues.

This includes ensuring that all employees are adequately trained with current certifications, which can often be an expensive and time consuming process.  Your Licence Pty Ltd has established robust training systems that are up to date, legally compliant and designed to take the compliance heat off you.

YourLicence.edu.au was established to organise licence training information and make it universally accessible and useful.  We also pride ourselves on using the latest technology, allowing us to deliver training materials online, onsite (or at a nearby location suitable to your requirements) and at our Training Facility in Tullamarine, Melbourne.

For more information on Your Licence Pty Ltd, please contact us on 1800 622 010.

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AITAC Pty Ltd (TOID3591) is the registered training organisation provider for Your Licence.


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