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custom_book_cover_11932In 2005, with several decades of working in the construction and mining industries up his sleeve, Director of Your Licence Pty Ltd Allan Fowler hung up his tools and undertook the necessary steps to become a qualified trainer and assessor.

After seven years in this role as an assessor partner with registered training organisation AITAC Pty Ltd, Allan and AITAC Director Jim Borle founded Your Licence Pty Ltd, with the view to improve efficiencies in the delivery of training material.

Listening to feedback from participants and enquiries from industry professionals, it became apparent to the pair that there was a definite need for training materials to be made readily available in the industry. After much discussion, the decision was made to dedicate time and resources to develop a unique and powerful online learning portal. From there Your Licence Pty Ltd was born with one purpose – “To develop and organise licensing information and make it universally accessible to everyone.”

So, with the backing of the Australian Government, Skills Council and local industry, the pair set to work using their combined experience to develop a range of training material that is now available online for free and can be undertaken by anyone with access to the internet.

With the change in industry regulations bringing an increased emphasis on employer/PCBU responsibility to ensure adequate training of all workers, co-Directors Allan and Jim then decided to concentrate on the delivery of up-to-date, easily accessible, Verification of Competency (V.O.C.) content that can be undertaken online, with free ‘gap-training’ unlike anything currently available in Australia.

Without a standardised V.O.C. system across Australia, companies in the mining, transport and construction industries are asking for a new system that is effective and can save the time, money and resources required to deliver training to thousands of individuals every year.

In the past, both Jim and Allan had noticed a significant lack of training resources and information available to participants in advance of undertaking the assessments required to achieve their V.O.C., and for long-standing workers in high risk job roles, this caused a high level of stress and angst that wasn’t necessary. By providing a detailed Learners Guide available free online with each V.O.C., and a range of free introductory or refresher courses, Your Licence aims to educate workers on current industry regulations and update their skills prior to commencing their V.O.C. assessment.

When asked why they dedicated their time and resources to such a large scale project, Allan and Jim said that they wanted to use their own experience to contribute to the success of others, and give back to the industry that has given them their career opportunities.  With many employers now requiring workers to successfully complete V.O.C. training before being allowed on site, Your Licence aims to provide a convenient, accessible and independent way to study – a mission that Allan and Jim believe will enhance industry job prospects for many Australians.

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