Blended Learning in Action – Adidas Case Study

1680.CorporateUniversityIncreasingly organisations are acknowledging that the classroom format of learning might not be the most effective way of providing education and training in the workplace.

German based sportswear manufacturer, Adidas is a good example of this changing attitude and how blended learning is being implemented in the workplace.

The New Way of Learning

Adidas recently launched their Group Learning Campus; a new learning platform that replaces classroom-only training with social and interactive online learning that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.1

The digital learning platform generates learning modules based on what topic an employee chooses and uses videos, PDFs, quizzes and external sources such as TED or YouTube videos and blogs.1

Adidas’s new learning philosophy is based on studies that suggest only 10% of what we learn happens through formal training, 20% we learn through other people and 70% we learn on the job. The focus of the Group Learning Campus is to reflect this 70:20:10 balance by blending physical learning spaces, a virtual learning campus online and embedding learning in daily work.2

Christian Kuhna from Adidas says “As much as we embrace the digital world and see huge opportunities for learning we do believe that a combination of digital and physical learning spaces brings both worlds together in most efficient and human-centred way”.2

It’s a concept Adidas believe will enhance the skills and engagement of current employees and provide them with a competitive advantage. 1 Their innovative approach will almost certainly be emulated by organisations around the globe.

Watch this short video on the Adidas “new way of learning”

So what can we learn from Adidas?

1. We need to re-think the ways in which we are delivering learning if we are to meet the needs of present and future generations.

2. We need to open up learning to make it accessible anytime and anywhere.

3. Social networks such as Facebook and Youtube have fundamentally changed they way we communicate and share knowledge and our learning environments should reflect these trends.

4. In order to deliver corporate learning experiences that are fun, engaging and sustainable we need to adopt a more flexible blended learning approach.

Adopt new way of learning for your organisation

Your Licence have re-imagined workplace education and training for the transport, mining and construction industries by creating a range of nationally recognised V.O.C courses that include the option to choose an online theory assessment and blended solution to practical assessment or proof of prior learning.

Using the latest technology our learning management system allows participants to access training materials 24/7, making training more convenient and accessible. Of course, we understand if you’re more comfortable with a more traditional approach, so we also offer a full printed pack option too.

Find out more about Your Licence’s blended learning approach to VOC assessment or browse the available online VOC courses here.




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