Blended Learning: The Future for V.O.C. Assessment

Blended LearningIn the 21st century, technology is changing rapidly and its use in education is increasing. Technology based blended learning models are becoming more widespread as a solution to meeting education and training needs in the workplace.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a flexible, technology-based approach to teaching and learning that uses a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.

What are the benefits of blended learning?

There are a number benefits that provide rationale for incorporating a blended learning approach to education and training in the workplace.

It improves access to training for employees by giving them the flexibility and freedom to learn anytime, anywhere. It also gives them some control over the pace of their learning so difficult concepts can be reviewed as often as necessary.

Research shows that online training produces better results on average than if the same material was learnt through traditional face-to-face instruction.1 According to the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, a rich mixture of learning opportunities improves engagement and learning outcomes.2

The report (available here) states, “It is clear that this environment (blended learning) can help teaching and learning, engage students more effectively, and allow greater participation than traditional models.”

For employers, using a training program with a blended approach where training can be undertaken at any time and place can improve efficiencies – saving time, money and resources.

Can a V.O.C. assessment be undertaken online?

Yes, a large number of Verification of Competency assessments for the construction, mining and transport industries are being successfully delivered online utilising a blended learning approach.

Who offers online V.O.C. assessment?

Using the latest technology, Your Licence has developed an online learning management system that allows them to deliver nationally recognised training and certification for Verification of Competency assessments.

Is an online V.O.C. assessment legally compliant?

Yes, obtaining a V.O.C. online is legally compliant as long as a formal Statement of Attainment is issued by an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Your Licence V.O.C.’s are assessed by a registered assessor and issued by our RTO affiliate partners. Your V.O.C. is guaranteed to be recognised by all registered training institutions and state/territory governments across Australia.

Who should use a blended learning approach for V.O.C. assessment?

Those that will benefit the most from online V.O.C. assessments are:

  • Employers & PCBU’s that want to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the new workplace health and safety regulations;
  • Current operators in the construction, mining and transport industries that require “gap training” following changes to industry standards that might mean they would no longer be deemed competent;
  • Employees that want to up-skill or demonstrate their skill level and competency to a prospective employer.

  • Sounds great, what’s next?

    Blended learning is not a fad, it is a new approach to education that is transforming the way we teach and learn and is proving an efficient, viable solution to delivering V.O.C. assessment.

    Find out more about Your Licence’s blended learning approach to V.O.C. assessment or browse the available online V.O.C. courses.

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