Consequence of not retraining is always far reaching

Each company has a different set of hazards and measures in place to control workplace risks and incidents. 

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However, all companies are expected to carry out their own internal review, to ensure employees are in safe environments, are conducting their jobs safely and have been trained to understand and identify risks and hazards.

Yet, incidents do occur and many could have been prevented if training had been provided. However, training remains the responsibility of both the employer and employee because if one fails the other, consequences will affect both parties.

When incidents occur they can also be far reaching, affecting more than just the individuals directly involved.

How incidents are far reaching:

When fatalities and major accidents occur, there’s an uncontrollable domino effect. 

  • Families and friends are affected, not just the person injured or killed.
  • Colleagues’ mental state, morale and trust are affected.
  • The company is affected by shutdowns or holdups when under investigation.
  • The company may be sued for negligence and damages.
  • There will be loss through fines, compensation, time, increased insurance premiums, sick pays and additional salaries for people unable to work.
  • Those held responsible for not retraining employees may face hefty punishment, including imprisonment and criminal records.
  • There would be loss of business relationships, especially when trying to recruit and retain staff.
  • The company may face rejection from insurance companies and other suppliers, and may have to source from elsewhere.

 Training can help prevent incidents

Although training is not a substitute for having a safe environment and appropriate controls in place, it’s vital in preventing accidents and reducing risks. By training, staff can be empowered with skills to help carry out their work safely.

What can be done: 

  • Train and obtain qualifications in specific areas. Training doesn’t mean going off-site. You can find online training at the click of a mouse. We offer training and assessment in specific skills such as working safely at height, operating ForkliftsVehicle Loading Cranes and Order Picking Trucks at warehouses.
  • Talk to suppliers of tools, materials and machinery, about ways to reduce risks to workers. Ask about disposal of broken and malfunctioning tools.
  • Raise awareness of new processes and procedures.
  • Talk about changes and instructions to follow.
  • Discuss new hazards linked with new tasks, the procedures to follow when, and any possible consequences to expect if procedures are ignored.
  • Give training on how to identify risks and hazards early enough to be eliminated.

Each of our training courses provide sections on hazards and risks. So have a look at the training for the specific areas required and if you have further queries, feel free to contact us.   

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