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At Your Licence, our Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals Courses have been specifically created to provide an overview of the hazards and labelling requirements associated with these products, and to teach you safety precautions and procedures relating to transport of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals. In addition to transport awareness courses, we also provide certification and re-certification courses for shipping dangerous goods. We have also developed a GHS course to provide a comprehensive overview of the Globally Harmonised System of Chemical Classification and Labelling, which became mandatory in Australia on January 1st, 2017. Many of our courses relating to dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals are nationally recognised and fully accredited. 

Our free Complete Dangerous Goods Course for Beginners offers a full introduction of the 9 classes of dangerous goods and some basic rules and requirements relating to working with these items. This free course is perfect for workers who are new to dangerous goods, and also allows users who are interested in completing our full courses to get a feel for our products.



The following offerings relating to Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals are currently available:

  • Complete Dangerous Goods Course for Beginners (Free!)
  • Dangerous Goods General Awareness
  • Properties and Hazards of Dangerous Goods
  • Globally Harmonised System (GHS)
  • Road Awareness (for transport of dangerous goods by road)
  • Air Awareness (for transport of dangerous goods by air)
  • Sea Awareness (for transport of dangerous goods by sea)
  • Lithium Batteries Shippers Course for Air Transport
  • Dry Ice Shippers Course for Air Transport
  • Air Acceptance Certification for Shippers (initial course)
  • Air Acceptance Certification for Freight Forwarders and Airline Operator Staff (initial course)
  • Air Acceptance Recertification for Dangerous Goods (refresher course)

For a full description of each course, including course content, pricing and other requirements, click on the product icons below.

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