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We are proud to partner with one of Australia’s leading registered training organisations, AITAC Pty Ltd (TOID 3591), to bring you High Risk Licence, Plant Tickets, Dangerous Goods qualifications and other Training Courses.  These courses are run throughout the year in Victoria for a large variety of job roles in the construction, mining and transport industries.

You can view their course information, calendar, pricing and enrol online using the links below:

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High Risk Licences

In accordance with Australian WorkCover legislation, any person performing high risk work must hold a relevant licence – unless they have an active training enrolment with an RTO.  High risk work includes:

  • working with cranes
  • dogging
  • rigging
  • scaffolding
  • hoist operations – including personnel and materials hoists and elevated work platforms

Only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) approved by WorkCover can deliver training and assessment for High Risk Work Licences. The training and assessment must be delivered under the supervision of an RTO but practical training can occur in the workplace.

Your High Risk Licence is valid for five years, and is recognised across all states and territories within Australia.

Sometimes, employers will require additional proof that an operator is competent to perform the tasks and operate machinery in an allocated job role.  This can be in the form of Verification of Competency (V.O.C.), which allows you to demonstrate your current level of ability.

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AITAC Pty Ltd (TOID3591) is the registered training organisation provider for Your Licence.


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