Benefits of V.O.C. for employers and employees

VERIFIEDWhat is Verification of Competency (V.O.C.)?

Verification of Competency is a method of assessment used to ensure staff can competently and safely operate equipment or perform tasks.

Why do businesses need to assess for V.O.C.?

In January 2012, new national OHS laws came into effect that put greater importance on the employers’ obligation to ensure an individual has ‘current competency’.

It is no longer enough for an employer to believe an individual is competent because they hold a qualification or ticket.

If an incident occurs, employers must be able to demonstrate that they did everything possible to ensure the employee was properly trained and capable of performing that work at that particular time.

Assessing for V.O.C. on an ongoing basis assists businesses in meeting their legal responsibility by providing evidence of employee competency but can also provide substantial operational benefits.

Benefits of V.O.C. for employers

Ensuring employees have ongoing training can help to:

  • Prevent damage to equipment and ultimately reduce maintenance costs
  • Decrease workplace accidents through safety training which reduces work down time and insurance premiums
  • Improves work quality and productivity through improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Improve employee morale which reduces turnover and absenteeism
  • Build a highly skilled, stable workforce that is up-to-date with industry trends and new technology
  • Maintain a competitive edge by constantly improving work practices

Benefits of V.O.C. for employees

Ensuring employees have ongoing training can help individuals to:

  • Maintain their eligibility to operate equipment               
  • Learn new skills and become a valued asset within the organisation
  • Reduce work-related stress and improve satisfaction
  • Reduce the risk of injury to themselves, a co-worker or damage to equipment

Employee’s skills can deteriorate over time due to changes in equipment or technology, new legislative requirements or simply by developing bad habits.  Verification of Competency assessments help to pro-actively identify levels of competency and ensure the health and safety of your workforce.  V.O.C.’s can be conducted onsite with minimum disruption to operations or downtime in productivity. 

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