Literacy and Numeracy Challenges in Online Training

Language, literacy and numeracy are core skills that enable people to be productive in their work and continue to learn and develop.


Studies show that around half of working age Australians’ experience language, literacy and numeracy problems (LLN) 1

Image taken from the Industry Skills Council ‘No More Excuses’ report – view full report here. 

LLN issues have arisen for a number of reasons including inadequately prepared workforce entrants, limited access to LLN expertise, an ageing population, increasing use of technology, increasing compliance requirements and demand of higher level skills.

Given the ongoing need for up-skilling our workforce, LLN issues create potential barriers to learning and successful participation in training and assessment.

Here are some suggestions on how to address literacy and numeracy challenges for online training

  • Using nationally recognised qualifications and training
  • Conducting pre-training assessment to identify LLN issues
  • Provide opportunity to observe and practice the LLN skills that are part of the competence training
  • Pre-teach the use of workplace documents
  • Providing LLN support and skill development
  • Providing clear and concrete reasons for improving LLN through support, encouragement and rewards

It is important that the LLN skills of existing workers continue to improve so that they remain productive members of the workforce.

 1  Source: Industry Skills Council, 2013.  View here. 

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