Nationally recognised training

Picture2What is Nationally Recognised Training?

Nationally Recognised Training is a formal process to ensure training meets the standard required by industry.  You can recognise a program’s participation in the process wherever you see this logo displayed.

It is training based on National Training Packages or courses/programs that have been formally accredited through state or territory accreditation bodies.

Those that receive Nationally Recognised Training can be confident that their qualifications are of the highest quality and will be recognised by industry and other registered training organisations in every state of Australia.

A Nationally Recognised Training program also allows students to enrol, transfer or complete training at any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) around the nation.

Benefits of Nationally Recognised Training for Business

The benefits of utilising Nationally Recognised Training for business include:

  • Providing a structured, formalised approach to training recognised by the industry
  • Creating industry-endorsed competency standards
  • On-the-job training integration
  • Ability to customise training packages for organisational needs
  • Providing a competitive edge for attracting and retaining employees by offering high quality skills and training recognised nationally
  • Up-skilling existing employees to keep up with new trends and technologies

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