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dogginnewWe understand that the process of sending employees off site to undertake training can severely affect a company’s productivity and resource levels, particularly when being undertaken by a group. Once you consider all the related travel, accommodation and service costs, it can be an extremely costly exercise.

To combat this expenditure, YourLicence.edu.au has been created as an online training resource centre, providing a range of training courses for individuals, employees and contractors to undertake training as and when it suits their schedule.  Our eLearning course library can be accessed online anywhere in the world, as long as you have a good internet connection.

When face-to-face training is needed, the team at Your Licence Pty Ltd regularly deliver on-site training to clients across every state in Australia. We will come to you, bringing with us all of the materials and resources required to deliver the necessary training at your site, or at a professional external venue that suits your requirements. Conducting group training on-site can reduce staff downtime and improve efficiency.

We also offer a range of High Risk Licences that can be delivered either onsite or at our Registered Training Organisation partner’s training facility in Tullaramine, Melbourne.

For more information on the available training options, please contact us.

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AITAC Pty Ltd (TOID3591) is the registered training organisation provider for Your Licence.


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