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I understand that this is an awareness course, and does not qualify me to apply for a licence to transport tanks or drive tankers.

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Road Awareness - SOA
Nationally Recognised Training

Product Description

The course covers all necessary aspects of Packaged transport, and also requirements for Large Receptacles, without concentrating on the operational tasks such as transfer from tankers.

Specific concentration on the Responsibilities of all personnel is an integral part of the course.

  • Introduction
  • Acts and Regulations
  • Responsibilities of all involved personnel
  • Is a “Licence” required? Bulk versus Packages
  • Brief overview of all classes of Dangerous Goods – the Complete Dangerous Goods Course for Beginners is a pre-requisite, and is included FREE with this training.
  • Vehicle Labels and “Placards”
  • Package marking and what it means
  • Placarding of vehicles – when and how?
  • Placarding for tank vehicles, iso tanks, intermediate bulk containers, packaged loads
  • Transport compatibility & loading
  • Stowage on vehicles – basic rules for load restraint of packages
  • Stowage on vehicles – Large receptacles
  • Safety & Personal Protective Equipment
  • Emergency Information and Transport Documents
  • Emergency Control – General

Includes simulated Practical content on packaging, labelling and documentation.  Assessment is against the applicable regulatory and industry standards, and is internationally accepted.

NOTE: This course is designed to provide information and awareness about transport of packaged dangerous goods, and does NOT meet all the requirements to get a Licence to transport tanks or drive tankers. Together with the Complete Dangerous Goods Course for Beginners, this transport awareness course provides an excellent overview of what is required, and will give you a great start along the path to getting a full Dangerous Goods Driver Licence.

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