Fatigue Management for the Heavy Vehicle Industry


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Learning Outcomes:

  • What fatigue is, and why it needs to be managed in the workplace;
  • Sleep requirements, sleep debt and the circadian rhythm;
  • Short- and long-term effects of fatigue;
  • Factors contributing to fatigue, both in the workplace and at home;
  • Duty of Care and legal responsibilities surrounding fatigue management;
  • Requirements for the three fatigue management program options (Standard Hours, Basic Fatigue Management & Advanced Fatigue Management);
  • Documentation requirements, including how to use a National Driver Work Diary;
  • Exceptions and exemptions;
  • Development of additional fatigue management strategies to further reduce driver fatigue;
  • General methods of controlling fatigue in the workplace (including rostering, environmental and other considerations);
  • General methods of controlling fatigue at home (including diet & exercise, addressing health issues, and other lifestyle choices).




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