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This course is the annual refresher recommended to maintain currency of this qualification.   If you are looking for the full qualification, please click here.

In this course, we cover the requirements of AS 3745 – 2010 for Wardens that have been assigned the responsibilities to contain, control or eliminate the emergency using first attack emergency response equipment (Fire Extinguishers) whilst working within a command, control and coordinate structure (ECO).

Recommended for:  This competency is suitable for Workplace Occupants (employees) of Facilities (buildings) that are required to implement the emergency response procedures of the Emergency Control Organisation.

This course is 100% online.  


Warden & fire extinguisher refresher- SOA
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Product Description

This course is the annual refresher recommended to maintain currency of your initial qualification.

  • On successful completion of this 6.5 hour course participants will be awarded the following units of competence from the relevant Industry National Public Safety Training Package:
  • Operate As Part of an Emergency Control Organisation (WARDENS) and
  • Confine Small Workplace Emergencies (fire extinguishers, spill kits…..)

AS 3745 – 2010 SPECIFIES: Skill retention training is to be done at intervals not greater than one year and can be provided online by Your Licence.

Note: With the appropriate Emergency Response Structure in place and wardens trained in the assigned responsibilities specified above the notional training of all staff in the use of fire extinguishers is not required and can reduce overall staff training costs.

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