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Aimed at participants who want to gain a sound knowledge of scaffolding, this course will assist to develop the skills to plan, prepare and complete scaffolding work. Due to the potential dangers associated with construction work, only appropriately qualified workers can undertake Scaffolding responsibilities. 

The scaffolding job role is recommended for people who love to work with their hands and who would like to learn about bends and hitches, different types of scaffolding including modular systems, tube and coupler scaffold and frame scaffolds. Plus a whole lot more including ground bearing pressures, estimation of material quantities and the dismantling and stowing of scaffold gear.

This course is 100% free and 100% online.  


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Learning Outcomes: 

  • Take precuations to prevent accidents when erecting scaffold.
  • Understand terminology and descriptions of scaffold components.
  • Calculate load limits on scaffolding.
  • Calculate quantities of scaffolding and ancillary equipment.
  • Identify defects found in scaffolding equipment.
  • Describe correct procedures for erecting different types of scaffold.
  • Enhance literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Deliver risk assessments for both erecting and dismantling scaffolding.

NOTE: There is no qualification attached to this training, it is purely for educational purposes. To undertake scaffolding and other high risk work, you MUST hold a current licence or ticket.

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