Air Transport of Lithium Batteries
Dangerous Goods


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Air Transport Lithium Batteries - SOA
Nationally Recognised Training

Product Description

The course is aligned to the Industry Competency Standards applicable to the workplace tasks.

Course content:

  • International Air Transport Authority IATA Regulations applicable to Lithium Batteries.
  • Overview of all classes of Dangerous Goods.
  • ‘Hidden’ Dangerous Goods
  • Item and Risk identification for different types of lithium batteries.
  • Is it allowed to fly?
  • Packaging for Transport and Compatibility.
  • Labelling and Marking requirements.
  • Documentation requirements.
  • How to get it to the airport – the link with Road Transport.

Includes simulated online Dangerous Goods List search engine, so learners can become familiar with searching for packing instructions and special provisions for products using the Regulations.  Assessment is against the applicable regulatory and industry standards, and is internationally accepted.

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