Successful Enrolment

two_thumbs_up_800_clr_11665Congratulations, you have successfully enrolled in your training course with Your Licence.  Your details have been submitted for review, and you can now start your training!

What’s next?

  1. We will review your details in line with the criteria for government subsidies, and will send you an email to confirm the subsidy amount you are eligible for.  This email will also have a receipt for the amount deducted from your credit card. 
  2. You should receive an email in your inbox shortly with some important information, as well as details on what’s included within your training course.  Please read it carefully! 
  3. Your online training pack has now been unlocked and is ready for your to access.  You can start your training whenever you like, and have 28 days to successfully complete your assessments. 

You can access your training pack at anytime by clicking the “View Course Library” button anywhere on our website, and selecting the “Start My V.O.C.” or “Start My Industry Online Course” option.  The course you have successfully enrolled on will be orange, with an unlocked symbol.  Simply click on the box and make your way through each part of the pack!



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AITAC Pty Ltd (TOID3591) is the registered training organisation provider for Your Licence.


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