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Proudly Support BDI logo circleWe are proud to support Black Dog Institute, an Australian not-for-profit organisation aiming to educate and empower individuals by partnering with community groups and health services to help create a world where the onset of depression and suicide can be prevented and treated.

Our online shop gives customers the option to add a tax-deductible donation to their course purchase, which Your Licence will match up to $3 per donation. 100% of funds raised go direct to Black Dog Institute and the expansion of their clinical and education programs. In turn, your support will make a valued difference to the lives of those living with a mood disorder.

As a company, our business is focused on industries that are traditionally male-dominated, with many operators working in rural and remote areas – often away from their families. In these areas, mental health conditions can have a devastating effect on the community.

In general, the prevalence of mental health conditions in rural and remote Australia has been estimated as equivalent to levels in major cities – however, sadly, suicide rates in rural and remote areas of Australia are significantly higher than the national average and very remote regions have suicide rates more than double that of major capital cities.

According to the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, 15-24 year old males in regional areas are almost 1.8 times more likely to end their life by suicide than their urban counterparts. The incidence is up to six times higher in very remote areas.

Over the past five years, the average number of suicide deaths in Australia per year is 2,415 – more than the national road toll each year.

About Black Dog Institute

One in five Australians are affected by mental illness each year. Mental illness can be overwhelming, crippling and isolating. Black Dog is dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of people affected by mood disorders.

We educate and empower individuals by partnering with community groups and health services. We work with doctors and health care professionals, schools and workplaces, supporting them to triumph over mental illness.

We offer special expertise in diagnosis, treatment and prevention for depression and bipolar disorder. Our on and offline treatment and research programs are translated directly to clinical interventions. They are unique in mental health.

The Black Dog Institute has 4 important goals:

  • to diagnose mood disorders accurately and early,
  • treat them using innovative, effective and accessible strategies,
  • prevent their onset by understanding why and who they affect and
  • to reduce the overall impact of mental illness and save lives.
  • Black Dog Institute’s vision is a world where the onset of depression and suicide can be prevented and treated. With your help we can make this vision a reality.

    Facts About Depression

    Depression is a common experience. We have all felt ‘depressed’ about a friend’s cold shoulder, misunderstandings in our marriage, tussles with teenage children – sometimes we feel ‘down’ for no reason at all.

    However, depression can become an illness when:

  • The mood state is severe
  • It lasts for 2 weeks or more and;
  • It interferes with our ability to function at home or at work.
  • Signs of a depression include:

  • Lowered self-esteem (or self-worth)
  • Change in sleep patterns, that is, insomnia or broken sleep
  • Changes in appetite or weight
  • Less ability to control emotions such as pessimism, anger, guilt, irritability and anxiety
  • Varying emotions throughout the day, for example, feeling worse in the morning and better as the day progresses
  • Reduced capacity to experience pleasure: you can’t enjoy what’s happening now, nor look forward to anything with pleasure. Hobbies and interests drop off
  • Reduced pain tolerance: you are less able to tolerate aches and pains and may have a host of new ailments
  • Changed sex drive: absent or reduced
  • Poor concentration and memory: some people are so impaired that they think that they are becoming demented
  • Reduced motivation: it doesn’t seem worth the effort to do anything, things seem meaningless
  • Lowered energy levels.

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