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Welcome to the Toll Group & Your Licence online training portal. Below is all of the information you need to know, and some important steps for you to follow to begin your training.

1. Find your Unique Student Identifier

It is now mandatory for all Australian residents to provide their USI to a Registered Training Organisation when undertaking nationally recognised training, as you’re about to do.

  • Already know your USI? Great! Proceed to Step 2.
  • Need to get a USI? Click here for instructions on how to get your USI today.

  • 2. Enrol Online

    To access our eLearning System, you will need to enrol online using the Course Reference ID you see in the top right corner of this page or in the email you were sent from your supervisor.
    You’ll also need your personal details, and a few other things (including your passport or Medicare Card number if you’re an Australian citizen) to complete the form.

    Click here to enrol now.

    3. Accept the Candidate Agreement

    Before you can access your online training pack, you will need to accept our Candidate Agreement which is designed to notify you of our policies against fraudulent claims. Please ensure you read it carefully.

    4. Start Your Training

    Once you have accepted the Candidate Agreement, you can start your training.

    4a. Continue or Return to Training

    Your training is entirely self-paced, so you can go as fast or slow as suits you. If you need to take a break, you can always get back to your course overview by clicking the orange button in the top right corner of every page on our website. This will take you to the Members Area login page, where you will be able to use your username and password to get back to the course library. From there, click on the course you have enrolled in, and get to it!



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