As a worker, you will often be asked by new employers to demonstrate your ability to operate the equipment and perform the tasks relevant to your job role.  With the introduction of new regulations placing more responsibility on the employers to ensure their staff’s training is kept up-to-date, more and more companies are requiring workers to hold a Verification of Competency (V.O.C.) before they are able to commence work onsite.

*Note – you MUST hold a current High Risk Licence or Plant Ticket to qualify for a Verification of Competency.

For individuals, your V.O.C.:

Allows you to clearly demonstrate your knowledge and ability relating to your job role to prospective employers.
Keeps you ahead of your work competitors - a worker who holds a current V.O.C. is a more attractive prospect to an employer.
Enhance your job prospects in the mining, construction and transport industries.
Gets you onsite faster - start working and start earning sooner.
Helps you to comply with employers WHS regulations and requirements.
Is convenient, affordable, exempt from GST and 100% tax deductible.
Can be obtained online - do your training anywhere you can access the internet.

GET YOUR V.O.C. ONLINE NOW – START HERE! offers a free introductory or refresher course for the following job roles.  At the end of the introductory course, we offer a more extensive assessment, which will give you the opportunity to obtain your V.O.C. online.

We are constantly developing new training material to cater to the needs of the mining, transport and construction industries.  More courses for a range of job roles are coming soon – register your interest here!

If you already have a login to the Member’s Area, please select a course from the above list and login to begin your training.  If not, please register using the box to the right to access the course materials and start your training online today.

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